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Learn if tracking calories is a good approach for your fitness goals.

Tracking Calories: Should You Be Doing It?

Tracking calories is an effective nutrition tool, but it also has disadvantages. Find out what they are and whether you should be tracking.

Learn how to do a hip thrust with this complete guide.

How to Do a Hip Thrust: A Complete Guide

Learn how to do a hip thrust right to build your glutes. From technique to mistakes – everything about the hip thrust is explored.

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Be a woman who is smart about eating and working out.

We’re for women who want to take charge of their fitness and nutrition.

You know that conventional, one-size-fits-all strategies to nutrition and fitness don’t work. But it’s not always easy finding what’s effective for you.

And as plentiful as information is with a Google search, navigating all of that can be confusing and overwhelming.

That’s why we’re here – to equip you with the knowledge to cut through the noise and chart your own nutrition and fitness journey. Every resource here is science-based and geared toward getting you to work out and eat smarter.

Learn from fitness and nutrition resources that are easy to understand.

Science-based nutrition & fitness articles that are easy to understand.

Our fitness and nutrition articles are grounded in research. And while all that science can get very complicated, the learning points don’t have to be.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. Sifting through journals, analyzing research, figuring out how they apply in real-life – and breaking all those down into plain English.

That’s valuable knowledge without the headache. Bonus: everything here is casual, fun, and educational. Because that’s how we like to learn ourselves.

Explore fitness and nutrition knowledge that is easy to apply.

Apply the latest women’s nutrition & fitness research with ease.

Reading about the latest fitness and nutrition research is great. But … how do you apply these learnings to your own journey?

This is where we come in – everything you learn here is actionable. From strength training for women to learning how you can eat smarter, we place a strong emphasis on walking you through concepts and insights.

This way, making informed, science-based decisions on how you workout and how you eat becomes easier for you. The more you learn about nutrition and fitness, the stronger you’ll be (literally!)

Learn about the science behind eating and working out smarter.

Learn about the science behind what matters.

Strength training and eating well are things you’d likely do for life. Invest the time to learn about improving your nutrition and fitness, instead of blindly following the latest diet and workout trends.

Keep reading, learning, and doing everything you can to find what works best for you. That’s how you can always be sure your approach is adapting to your needs.

Helpful content, built on quality research

The science-based nutrition and fitness resources you find here are carefully researched and objectively written – with you in mind.

We want everything you learn here to be credible, accurate, and relevant. That’s why we’re very particular about the research that goes into our fitness and nutrition articles.

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