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What makes us different

Woman who does not know much about fitness and nutrition

We encourage learning about fitness

The only way to take ownership of your fitness is to get smarter about it. That's why we create understandable and accessible content. We help you learn from the best in the fitness industry without the complexity of scientific research.

Be a women who can make informed decisions about how you eat and workout

We help you make informed decisions

Wondering if that fitness tip you saw on Instagram is truly good advice? It's important that you're able to make an objective assessment. We want to help you understand the science behind any fitness information before you commit to it.

Get smarter about how you eat and workout

We cut through the confusion & noise you face

Information on fitness is everywhere. But trustworthy and accurate information can be hard to come by. That’s why we always go back to basics - relying on research to identify what really works and what's just "bro-science".

We cater to women of all fitness levels

We cater to women of all fitness levels

Whether you’re just starting out or have been training consistently for years, there’s something for you here. And while we cover topics of different levels, our approach of keeping them simple and helpful remains unchanged.

Why we started

It began as a desperate quest

It all started because of a girl’s desperate quest for credible, science-based information on fitness and nutrition – so she could workout, eat, and live better. 

But all she found were articles and videos that told her she needed to eliminate one thing or another from her diet. Or that she had to stay away from heavy weights, or she’d risk getting ‘bulky’.

Woman confused about online fitness information
Thrive With Science was started from a quest for credible fitness and nutrition knowledge

She called bullshit & got to work

And Thrive With Science was born. Since then, we have become more dedicated than ever to our mission of making credible, science-based fitness and nutrition information more accessible to women. 

From sifting through the latest fitness and nutrition research to tackling the common women’s fitness questions on strength training, weight loss, and eating smarter, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. 

We aim to empower women

We hope to help everyone:
  • Separate myths and misconceptions from facts. 
  • Apply a science-based approach to their nutrition and fitness. 
  • Achieve their fitness goals in an enjoyable and sustainable manner. 
  • Become the best versions of themselves.
We don’t claim to have all answers to all fitness and nutrition questions. But we do think we can change your life for the better. And honestly, that’s at the heart of everything we do at Thrive With Science. 
Thrive With Science aims to empower women on their fitness journeys